Chinese Diagnostic Medicine Services for Healthcare Providers

What is the service?

As of January 2007, Dr. Versluys is offering a Chinese Diagnostic Medicine service for patients currently under the care of other healthcare practitioners in the field. Diagnostic medicine is the branch of medicine that specializes in the accurate assessment of often challenging medical cases along with the design of treatment strategy and plan. Chinese diagnostic medicine is the Chinese medicine equivalent of conventional diagnostic medicine.

Who should refer?

For practitioners who are currently seeing patients that are posing difficulties in establishing the right Chinese medicine diagnosis as a guide for treatment, or where current diagnosis and treatment are not providing the exact results that were anticipated.

What is the objective?

The objective of the Chinese medicine diagnostic service by Dr. Versluys is to assist colleagues in the field in diagnosing difficult or unresponsive clinical cases. Dr. Versluys is an expert in Chinese diagnostic medicine with an emphasis on pulse diagnosis based on the classical writings of our medicine. He is an expert in immune disorders and rheumatology but can help provide you with a Chinese differential diagnosis for a wide variety of disorders.

How does it work?

Physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths or fellow acupuncturists can refer their difficult cases to Dr. Versluys for a one hour comprehensive diagnostic consultation. After the consultation, the patient is referred back to the original practitioner, while Dr. Versluys provides a detailed document on his findings.

How do I refer a patient?

Call Dr. Versluys’ office at 503-780 1369 and schedule an appointment for your patient. Please request a Diagnostic Medicine appointment. Consecutively, fill out a records release form and obtain your patient’s signature, after which you fax all the medical records to Dr. Versluys’ office at 503-227 1089.

Also make sure that your patient authorizes records release from potentially other practitioners he/she may be seeing. It is advised to schedule the appointment at least 2 weeks in advance to allow Dr. Versluys to study all the records carefully.

Followingly, provide Dr. Versluys with your patient's postal address or email address. Dr. versluys will then mail a number of documents for your patient to fill out.

Last but not least, write a short summary of your treatment history with the patient. As a guide you can use the form attached below.

What happens during the visit?

Your patient visits Dr. Versluys at the scheduled time and spends about 60 minutes with Dr. Versluys. During this time, Dr. Versluys takes a full intake and assesses pulse, tongue, etc, as necessary. After the visit, Dr. Versluys works up the case. After having obtained the patient’s consent, Dr. Versluys sends his findings per fax or email back to your office. Dr. Versluys is committed to issuing the report within 7 business days.

What is included in the report?

The report will give a general description of the Chinese medicine etiopathology and pathogenesis of the problem, along with a suggested herbal and acupuncture treatment. The attending practitioner can then decide to adopt this treatment strategy or modify it according their own preferences. In general, the report includes:


  • Symptom Differentiation
  • Pulse and Tongue Descriptions
  • Assessment (Six Conformations, Zangfu, Four Layers, case-dependent)

Treatment Plan:

  • Therapeutic principles
  • Acupuncture treatment suggestions
  • Herbal treatment suggestions
  • Approximate treatment timeline and prognosis

The above information are consultative guidelines and Dr. Versluys can not make any claims or give any guarantees as to the outcome of the treatment plan. This information is for reference only. Also, under no circumstance shall Dr. Versluys treat your patients or solicit your patients for treatment. The service only includes diagnostic assessment.

What patients are fit to be referred?

Please refer to the disease and disorder list for a general list of diseases that can be assessed by Dr. Versluys.

What is the cost of the service?

The cost is cheaper than a New Patient Visit at $120.

Some of the documents are not yet uploaded, so in the mean time, please contact Dr. Versluys at if you need specific information.