ANNOUNCEMENT: 2014-2015 Portland ICEAM Jingui Yaolue Canonical Training- Registration Opened

Hello everybody,

This is the official announcement for the 2013-2015 Jingui Yaolue Canonical Training to be held in Portland, OR. Registration is now opened. As you know, the room size limits the number of participants at about 30, so please register at your earliest convenience.
Finishing the Jingui Yaolue training will certify you as Diplomate in Canonical Chinese Medicine, by the Institute of Classics in East Asian Medicine. It is a sign of a lot of hard work and a commitment on your part to be a better clinician for your patients. Certification also makes you eligible to observe ICEAM instructors in clinic and further calibrate your pulse diagnosis skills, as well as attend further advanced training, such as the Shanghan Lun weeklong retreats.
If you have previously finished the training, but missed a few sessions and still need to make up for one or more to get certified, you may do that at no additional cost. Just send in your registration form and let us know which weekends you will be attending. If you are certified alumni, you may audit any class you want at a deeply discounted rate. For that you register using the same form.
Currently our iceam website is undergoing major redesign and there are no online registrations possible at this time. In case you insist on registering through Paypal, email me and I will send you an online invoice. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
As you all may know by now, I am ending my years of lecturing and traveling, in exchange for a retreat into only practice and authoring. As such, this Jingui Yaolue is the last time I will be teaching these seminars, all by myself, in at least the coming 8-10 years. Starting last year, many seminars in the US have been taught by my colleagues who came up through years of training in our system. The current group of Portland students is strong and I am committed to teaching all of you to the finish of your certification.
Our venue is rented and dates locked in. Now all we need is you :) I am looking forward to greeting you in the new year for some more serious study.
Arnaud Versluys, PhD, LAc
Director, ICEAM
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