Welcome to this website!

On this website you will be able to find information on my educational background, as well as clinical and academic work. If you are a current or prospective patient, you will be happy to browse the Patient Info page, while current students or researchers of Chinese medicine will be excited to learn about the upcoming educational and research projects on the Continuing Education page.

Also worth mentioning is the Canonical Chinese Medicine training that started in April 2007 and is now being offered in multiple locations all over the world. In Europe the training is finishing its 2nd year soon in the UK. Another group recently started in Portland, OR, USA and yet another group will be starting in 09/2008 in the San Francisco Bay area. Furthermore, in 2009, the newly enhanced and expanded Canonical curriculum will kick-off its debut in Frankfurt, Germany. More info can be found here.

Also since 2007 I am offering diagnostic medicine support for any Chinese medicine practitioner who has as if it were "run in to a dead end" with a challenging patient. You can request to schedule an appointment for a thorough Chinese medicine diagnostic assessment and receive a written 'second opinion' on possible herbal and acupuncture avenues to pursue, along with treatment plan and prognosis. Man colleagues have already succesfully used this service and made breakthroughs in some of their stubborn cases!Click here for more info.

The Forum page has since almost three years been a one-of-a-kind venue for scholarly exchange amongst peers both domestic and internationally. Please do not hesitate to sign-up and start posting. It is the place to see and be seen!

Whatever brings you here, I sincerely hope you enjoy the visit!


Thank you,

Arnaud Versluys, PhD, L.Ac.