Finally, not without undue birthing pains, the first batch of audio lectures is available for download!!!!!!

Dear visitors, after experiencing some technical setbacks that delayed our ability to offer the course downloads, we have now resolved all issues and are open for busines! The contiuing education download database can be found here. Please contact me with any questions you may have at

These pages are being developed to meet the ongoing needs for continuing professional development for practitioners worldwide. The purpose is to allow access to Dr. Versluys' unqique materials for researchers and physicians as well as aspriring practitioners alike beyond geographical borders! The initial portion of these pages is now up and running. Please check in continuously for additions or email

The first wave of materials is as following:

1. Audio:

Coming in the Following Days: 

  • 10 hours of Shanghan Lun Acupuncture (12 credit hours)
  • 3 hours of Introduction to the Shanghan Lun Formula Families
  • 5 credit hours of Aspects of Classical Materia Medica

2. Articles:

3. Forthcoming Audio Lectures:

  • The Five Flavors and Zhang Zhongjing Formulas (CE approved)

4. Forthcoming Video Lectures:

  • Master Weekend with Shanghan Lun Master Dr. Zeng Rongxiu (Recorded March 2008)
  • The Five Flavors and Zhang Zhongjing Formulas (CE approved) (Recorded September 2008)

The goal is to get all lectures approved for NCCAOM Professional Development Activity (PDA) credits.

5. Plans:

  • Formula Classical Monograph Database 
  • Materia Medica Classical Monograph Database
  • Shanghan Lun and Jingui Yaolue Case Database

If you are downloading with the explicit intention of fulfilling your NCCAOM continuing education, then please email me to check on the approval status of the lectures you plan to purchase. Some lectures will be accompanied with some handouts. I will be sending those to you by email after your purchase, until also that part of the process gets automated.